hand-forged wrought iron candlestick,

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Many beautiful rustic looking items that you can buy for your home and among these are the lovely wrought iron candle holders, ideal for occasions such as weddings, but equally suitable for everyday use in your living room or dining room. The size of the base will decide how much surface area the candles take up on the table or shelf, while the correct height will ensure you don't have any problems trying to position the candle holders in your home.
Wrought iron candle holders come in a few different shapes. Very often, there are wider points up and down the candle holders.
A very common shape for candle holders, the circular shape fits well in many homes and is a softer look than many others. Handcrafted using both traditional blacksmithing techniques and modern methods, this set of three candle holders offers beauty and function for your home.
Forged from hot-rolled mild steel, the tapered stem is shaped using a power hammer, then heavily textured at the anvil. The metal base is formed into a domed shape while hot. The top is created from layers metal sheet. Candle wax drips will not affect the patina. Intended for indoor use. Candles not included. Polished with a Wax finish.

Sold in a set of 3 as shown.  The heights are approximately 36,2", 30,7", and 21,7".
Dimensions: 8,6 and 6,3″diameter
Holder Material Iron
Country of Manufacture Slovakia

Create a glowing ambiance and set the mood with unique candle holders.

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